Transport Coordinator

Coventry & Pershore

Favourite Quote:       “If you never try, you’ll never know“
Name:                          Bradley
Role:                            Transport Coordinator – Midlands, Pershore & National Accounts
Years at CSG:             6 months
Location:                     Coventry & Pershore

What do you do?

I coordinate the transport requirements for our national accounts customers – as well as managing the transport from our Pershore site.

What do you enjoy about your role?

It can be quite a fast-paced environment, which makes it quite a challenge but I love testing myself and meeting the challenge. I also like the fact that the decisions I make are productive – they make an actual difference to the success of CSG, every day.

What do you enjoy about working for CSG?

There’s a great value placed on teamwork and as a team, we do work well to achieve our common goals. I like the vibe that comes from working for a family business, which is quite strongly part of the culture at CSG. It’s an ethos of hard work but it’s also rewarding. I also feel I’m always learning.