Spill Training

Spills Training

A bespoke training experience designed to teach participants the safe and effective use of spill control resources, as well as the potential risks associated with liquid spills.

This intensive, one-day course includes both classroom based activities, as well as practical experience of cleaning up spills.  All absorbents and training PPE are included on the day and the course is designed to be customised to the individual requirements of your site.

The course is open to 10 participants and takes approximately three hours to complete.  At the end of the course, all participants will be confident about how to safely contain a spill and how to prevent them happening in the first instance.

CSG is a member of the UK Spill Association and has been fully accredited by the UKSpill Contractors Accreditation Scheme to the standards supported by the Environment Agency.

Course Objective

  • To provide the skills and confidence to implement on-site spill containment procedures.
  • To demonstrate the deployment of spill containment devices, techniques, materials and processes.
  • To demonstrate safe operation of working processes and procedures.

Course Content

Classroom based learning objectives:

  • Understanding of the environmental responsibility of your business.
  • An awareness of the potential risks associated with liquid spills.
  • The knowledge and skills needed to safely manage spills on site.
  • Reporting procedures if spills contaminate surface water, ground water or land.

Practical activities:

  • Training in the safe and effective use of spill control resources and personal protective equipment.
  • Site specific spill risk assessment.
  • View site with the object of identifying spill risks.
  • Look at any spill equipment available.


For further information or to book your very own bespoke spills training session, please contact us on 0800 980 3815 or at spillcare@csg.co.uk.