Soakaway Maintenance and Replacement

CSG Operative at Work

If you depend on a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant to manage and dispose of your sewage waste, you’ll also have a Soakaway to discharge the semi-treated waste into your surrounding land or local watercourse.

If the area around your soakaway becomes waterlogged, if your tank fills up faster than usual or you notice an offensive odour, you could have a blockage and you’ll need to call in the experts to clear it fast.

Cleansing Service Group has been maintaining domestic Septic Tanks and Soakaways for over 80 years for customers who want the reassurance of a professional, speedy service that doesn’t cost the earth.

The best way to avoid problems with your Soakaway is to have your Septic Tank or Treatment Plant emptied regularly and maintained by the experts. To make life easier, why not join our Regular Service Scheme? Membership is free and benefits include regular clearances, discounted rates and priority care. You’ll also qualify for our 24 Hour Emergency Cover at our preferential rate.

CSG offers a fast, friendly and trusted service, our operatives are all highly experienced and we’re also fully licensed by the Environment Agency to give you complete peace of mind.

For further information or to talk to us about maintaining or repairing your soakaway with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.