Site Remediation

Forecourt Cleansing Services

Accidents happen, and when your organisation has had the misfortune to suffer a spill, leak, overflow or flood, it’s reassuring to know that you’ve got the support of a team of experts to get operations back on track, professionally and safely.

Cleansing Service Group deals with emergencies and spills across the UK and our dedicated response team has always been there to contain and manage the associated impact on businesses and the environment.

Following an incident, we have a dedicated site remediation team on hand to define and analyse the nature of an accident, to formulate a detailed plan of remediation and to help limit the cost of damage and repair. Our site remediation team includes environmental consultants who put the needs of your operations and the environment first, promoting activities such as washing damaged gravels, chippings and stone and returning them to the site rather than sending them to landfill.

Cleansing Services Group offers a nationwide, 24/7 emergency response service for those unpredictable incidents and it’s free to register. Keep our contact details safe – you know the team to call.

For real life examples of CSG’s Emergency Response Service in action click here.

For further information about our site remediation service or to contact us in the event of an emergency, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.

Sign up to our emergency hotline service by clicking here.