Road Traffic Collisions

Road Traffic Collision or Accident

When a road traffic collision or accident (RTA) happens, the Emergency Services are responsible for getting casualties away from the scene, quickly and safely and minimising the disruption on the highway and the risk to other road users.

Then it’s time for the Cleansing Service Group’s emergency response team to get everything back to normal. We clean the area thoroughly and dispose of any debris or hazards and, in the case of a spill, we’ll capture and remove the product, leaving the road surface safe to drive on before our consultants get to work on soil sampling and site remediation.

Cleansing Service Group offers a nationwide, 24/7 emergency response service for floods, oil and chemical spills, road traffic collisions and RTAs and it’s free to register, so keep our contact details safe – you know the team to call.

For further information about our road traffic collision response service or to contact us in the event of an RTA emergency, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.

Sign up to our emergency hotline service by clicking here.