Oil/Water Recovery Centres

CSG Tanker in front of a Treatment and Recovery Facility

CSG has network of treatment facilities spread across the country.

Over the years CSG has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise for operating these specialist centres. Our operatives are always eager to give assistance and advice when required and realise that the extensive range of waste management legislation can be difficult to understand and interpret.

Our facilities can process the following:

  • Sludges, silts sediments from gullies, interceptors, catchment pits, bund walls, soakaways or drains
  • Landfill leachate liquids, chalk waters, starchy solutions and petrol/storage tanks liquids
  • Diesel and kerosene in neat or contaminated mixtures and oily water mixtures
  • Sewage and oil combinations
  • Paint from spray wash extraction booths and water based paint solutions
  • Oil filters, cartridges
  • Oily absorbent pads, booms rags and wipes
  • Carbon granules often used for filtration
  • Waste muds/soils from drilling boreholes
  • Machine cutting oils and suds oils

CSG are happy to assist with any enquiry about hazardous or difficult wastes and can be called freephone on 0800 011 66 00 or contact us through our online form.