Oil and Chemical Spills

Oil and Chemical Spill Response

In the event of an oil or chemical spill, you need an immediate response from experienced professionals who know exactly how to deal with the emergency, limit the damage to the environment and conduct post-spill investigations and analysis to protect your operations in the future.

Cleansing Service Group deal with oil and chemical spills across the UK and once it has been contained, our consultants and investigators get to work on soil sampling and site remediation.  We’ll remove any contaminated soils and wash chippings, gravels and stones and return them straight to site, quickly and efficiently.

Of course a well-planned spill prevention strategy is our recommended course of action and our team of consultants are available to conduct risk assessments and discuss a planned maintenance programme of checks and servicing that will reduce your risk of spills and emergencies. We’ll even provide you with emergency spill kits to help you take the first crucial steps before we’re on the scene if a spill should occur.

Cleansing Service Group offers a nationwide, 24/7 emergency response service and it’s free to register, so keep our contact details safe – you know the team to call.

For real life examples of CSG’s Emergency Response Service in action click here.

For further information about our oil and chemical spill service or to contact us in the event of an emergency, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.

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