Environmental Policy

Cleansing Service Group is a long-established provider of waste management services, operating nationally across a broad range of commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

Its operational raison d’etre is to efficiently and safely collect, process and dispose of the many waste streams for which it’s responsible, and maximise their reuse and recycling potential whenever possible in full compliance with prevailing legislation.

The Group has made a conscious policy decision to build the goal of ethical, safe and, wherever possible, sustainable waste management into all its work practices, processes and methods of operation. This is achieved through the use of an accredited environmental management system which is independently audited.

We accept that managing the environmental implications of our business activities, both at our own sites and those of our customers, should be a core, group-wide responsibility and a key part of our corporate governance.

In this way we hope to support the environment by –

  • Reducing and minimising waste-related environmental degradation.
  • Promoting sustainable waste management practices throughout the sectors in which we operate.
  • Conserving finite natural resources with a view to their reuse wherever possible.