Leachate Collection

Leachate Collection from Landfill sites

Leachate is a liquid that is produced when water percolates through waste in landfill sites and reacts with the decomposing materials. The risk to public health and the environment from the micro-organisms and toxic substances (including ammonia and nitrogen) that can be found in leachate are high.

Cleansing Service Group has been the first name in commercial and industrial waste services for over 75 years. We collect leachate waste from landfill sites across the country and transport it to one of our many waste treatment facilities around the UK for safe disposal.

We operate the UK’s largest fleet of specialist waste management vehicles which are all equipped with barrel capacities that can cope with any volume of leachate waste.

We offer a fast, friendly and efficient leachate removal service for landfill site owners nationwide; our specialist waste teams and our operatives are highly experienced and hold all the necessary certifications to carry out the job. We are fully insured and BS EN ISO 9001 accredited to give you complete peace of mind.

For further information or to talk to us about our leachate collection services with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.