Graffiti and Gum Removal

Graffiti and Gum Removal

Whilst graffiti is often encouraged as community art that can enhance and enliven public space, it’s usually recognised as the scourge of the environmental landscape by local authorities and communities who want it removed fast.

Cleansing Service Group provides the most comprehensive range of industrial and commercial cleansing services available and our specialist teams are equipped to deal with the most challenging cleaning jobs for communities and local authority customers across the country who depend on our expertise.

We use our powerful high pressure jetting systems to remove unwanted graffiti and discarded chewing gum, quickly and cost-effectively, to keep neighbourhoods presentable and residents happy.

You can call on the CSG team to remove graffiti and discarded chewing gum from your area as a one-off job or as part of a cost-effective, tailored maintenance plan that’ll keep your neighbourhoods and public spaces clean and attractive all year round.

For further information or to talk to us about our graffiti and gum removal service with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.