Fuel Polishing

Other Unusual Wastes Requiring Removal

When storing fuels such as diesel, bio-diesel and industrial heating oil it is likely that over time deposits of sludge, sediment and water will develop and contaminate the fuel. If left untreated this can reduce the efficiency of or even cause expensive damage to your pump, engine or generator. For example, contamination of the fuel supply for your generator could lead to the failure of your back-up electricity supply.

One of the main warning signs of contamination is the appearance of emulsification in your fuel supply, and at the most advanced stage free flowing puddles of water can be seen. As the water is initially dissolved within the fuel, the early stages of contamination are difficult to identify and often will only be determined by analysis of a sample.

CSG offers a comprehensive Fuel Polishing service, where we analyse a sample of your contaminated fuel for viability, extract the fuel and deliver it to our licenced premises, passing it through our specialist polishing rig and returning it to back to a useable product.

Some of the benefits of CSG’s Fuel Polishing service include:

  • Reduces costs of system maintenance; frequent fuel polishing exercises can reduce the need for more expensive procedures such as manual tank cleaning or system overhaul.
  • Improved efficiency and performance for your equipment; clean, uncontaminated fuel will contribute to optimal performance.
  • Increased reliability; reduces the risk of equipment breakdown, contributing to the smooth running of your facility.

For further information or to talk to us about our fuel polishing services, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.