Fly-tipped Waste

Fly tipping is the illegal depositing of waste on land that isn’t controlled by a waste management licence. Despite the risk of financial penalties, fly tipped waste continues to blight our neighbourhoods and open spaces and can prove costly to the local authorities to remove as well as the environment when hazardous or toxic waste is dumped.

Cleansing Service Group supports local authorities, businesses and private landowners who need a fast, cost-effective and safe fly tipping removal service. We respond quickly to requests to remove anything from black bags of household waste to large domestic items, garden waste, commercial waste and toxic substances.

We’ll remove the waste, treat it if necessary, recycle what we can and dispose of the waste professionally and legally, leaving the area clean and the community happy.

Cleansing Service Group also offers a nationwide, 24/7 emergency response service for floods, oil and chemical spills, road traffic collisions and it’s free to register, so keep our contact details safe – you know the team to call.

For further information about our fly tipping response service, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.

Sign up to our emergency hotline service by clicking here.