Organic Waste Recycling

Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste recycling offers huge benefits to both the producers of liquid and solid waste who are under pressure to dispose of their waste responsibly and cost effectively and the farmers who want a more environmentally friendly, cheaper alternative to artificial fertilisers.

Cleansing Service Group provides a wide range of environmentally responsible organic waste recycling services to farmers, owners of agricultural land and businesses that produce organic waste. Our dedicated in-house team provides a comprehensive service which includes soil sampling and analysis to ensure the land is suitable for the organic waste and to determine the correct dose for the intended crops. We will also undertake the necessary due diligence and permits required by the Environment Agency before transporting the waste to site.

Today, observing strict environmental controls, we recycle 16,000 tonnes of liquid waste and 300 tonnes of solid organic waste per month from food and drink processing, sewage and clarifying sludge from water treatment works.  

The experts at CSG offer a professional organic waste recycling service. We’ll help you dispose of your organic waste, transport it to the agricultural businesses that need it and spread the land or inject the soil with the bio product.

For further information or to talk to us about our range of organic waste recycling service with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.