Entry Permits and Certification

Entry Permits, Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Gas Free Certification

If you’re responsible for the management and maintenance of your storage tank facilities, you’ll know how highly regulated the tank cleaning, installation and decommissioning process is. It’s all designed to protect you and the environment and the penalties for non-conformance can be severe.

That’s why it’s important to commission experts in tank services to protect your tank facilities. The tank specialists at Cleansing Service Group are highly experienced in maintaining all types of storage tanks and they’re all fully qualified to provide entry permits, which are essential for the crew to have before any work commences. Our tank experts are also all qualified to conduct confined space services and are experienced in the use of breathing apparatus and gas monitoring equipment which is prepared for use on site.

If you’ve called on CSG to give your tank facilities a thorough clean, we’ll also provide certificates that confirm your tank is gas free and clean.

So if your storage tanks are in need of cleaning, maintaining or decommissioning, leave the job to the experts at CSG and we’ll take care of everything.

To read examples and real life case studies of CSG’s tank cleaning teams in action please click here.

For further information or to talk to us about our range of entry permits and certification associated with tank services and with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.