Difficult Waste Treatment

Expert disposing of Difficult Wastes

CSG have developed several techniques for handling challenging and hazardous waste streams over a number of years. Many of these chemical wastes can cause problems for producers due to their chemical properties and handling difficulties, other wastes can cause problems due to sheer quantity or classification.

Our specialist engineered processes are able to provide solutions for a wide range of difficult wastes. One difficult and hazardous waste stream is industrial concentrated strength (98%) sulphuric acid. At such high concentrations this acid can pose difficulties for producers. Under controlled conditions CSG are able to hydrolise the acid to a reduced concentration. The lower concentration acid is then recycled and used on site allowing a sustainable solution for the waste stream.

Difficult waste treatments include:

  • Hydrolysis of fuming acids (oleum, chlorosulphonic acid and acid solvents)
  • Treatment of water reactive chemicals (titanium tetrachloride, antimony pentrachloride, thionyl chloride, phosphorus oxychloride/trichloride and silicon tetrachloride)
  • Reduction of strong oxidising agents (chromic acid, potassium permangate and sodium hypochlorite)
  • Blending of solvents for cemfuel
  • Decontamination of drums with water reactive residues and other toxic chemicals

CSG are happy to assist with any enquiry about hazardous or difficult wastes and can be called freephone on 0800 011 66 00 or contact us through our online form.