Corporate Social Responsibility

CSG takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously and has actively engaged with a number of charitable organisations to lend our support and backing to a range of worthwhile projects.

Working with Wildlife Trusts
CSG is an active member working in partnership with the Hampshire Wildlife Trust and is an official Wildlife Investor.

Two brand new mobility buggies were recently purchased with a grant from CSG and launched at Blashford Lakes Wildlife Reserve near Ringwood in Hampshire.

The buggies and the required storage facility were funded by CSG through a Landfill Communities Fund payment. The Blashford Trampers have been designed to enable those with mobility issues to move around the reserve more easily and enjoy everything that Blashford has to offer.

Olive Collins, acting Chairman of the group, said, “Access to the countryside is really important, and those of us with mobility issues still want to be able to enjoy the wonderful places in the region. The introduction of the Trampers to Blashford is going to be a wonderful help. The feeling of freedom that they bring cannot be underestimated.”

Helping those less fortunate in Kenya 
A new recycling scheme set up by CSG is benefiting children who work and live in the slums surrounding the African municipal waste dump dubbed the Mountain of Death.

The notorious 30-acre dump, at Dandora on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, is one of the largest in Africa and located in one of the city’s biggest slum areas. It was closed at the end of 2008 after being used as an unrestricted dumping site for all waste generated by millions of Nairobi’s inhabitants.

A United Nations Environment Programme research team said the dump posed a major health risk to residents, and especially to children. Almost half the children tested had concentrations of lead in their blood exceeding internationally acceptable levels and were suffering from high levels of sickness.

Despite its closure, the dump remains the only source of income for many impoverished local residents, including children, who scavenge the rubbish mountain in search of food and recyclables to sell.

When staff at CSG’s award-winning industrial waste treatment and recycling centre in Cadishead, Manchester heard of the children’s plight they asked the Company’s management team if part of the proceeds from a new recycling venture on the site could be donated to charities looking after the Dandora children.

A dedicated five-man Recycling Team runs the CSG plant which will sort and recycle the plastics, wood and cardboard which previously went to landfill. The recycled plastics will be re-used in the manufacture of a range of products such as drainage pipes or bottles.

Saving threatened forests 

The World Land Trust (WLT) is a UK charity which funds land purchase projects around the globe including Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

CSG joined forces with the Trust in 2007 pledging to help reduce its carbon footprint through funding the purchase of one acre of tropical forest each time it completes a commission for EDF Energy, for whom it collects and processes hazardous waste.

To date the company has completed the funding of its 94th acre, helping the World Land Trust in its bid to save precious habitats and protect their biodiversity for future generations. So far, the WLT has been instrumental in the purchase and protection of over 500,000 acres of habitat and its wildlife which would otherwise have been lost. The land is protected in the form of nature reserves and is managed by local organisations as strictly protected nature reserves.

Trust chief executive John Burton said: “CSG is making an invaluable contribution to our work by pledging regular funds which help us plan for the future. We are extremely grateful to them for their support which demonstrates real commitment to the environment.”