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Thank you for your interest in opening a Credit Account with CSG. To apply, please complete the form below to the best of your ability. Fields marked with a *symbol are required information. Should you have any questions or problems relating to your application, please contact our Credit Control team on 01489 776312 or email Thank you.

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I/We are aware that Cleansing Service Group Ltd may require trade or bank references and hereby authorise Cleansing Service Group Ltd to apply for any references required.

Payment Terms:

  • a) All payments shall be made as per the terms and conditions available below.
  • b) Credit facilities will be withdrawn if the account remains unpaid beyond the due date or if the amount of credit facilities exceeds the agreed credit amount.
  • c) I/We accept the terms and conditions of Cleansing Service Group Ltd and its subsidiaries as per the terms and conditions available below.

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