Chemical Specialist Training

custom image A bespoke training experience designed to teach participants how to safely handle, manage and store hazardous chemicals, as well as outline the potential risks associated with specific tasks.

This intensive ½ day course includes:

Course Objective
  • To provide detailed information on the legislation relevant to the storage and use of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • To provide guidance on storage to the standards required by the enforcing authorities.
  • An overview of section 34 of the EPA including record keeping and selection of suitable waste contractors.
Course Content

Classroom based focused learning:
  • Relevant H&S legislation – HASAWA, COSHH, MHSWR, DSEAR, COMAH, CLP. What to expect during a HSE inspection (limited quantities, segregation, RAs).
  • Relevant Environmental legislation – EPA, HW Regs, Waste (E&W) Regs (waste hierarchy). What to expect during an EA inspection (containment, state of packaging, waste inventory, consignment note records, duty of care paper chase).
  • Storage of materials i.e.: Suitability of receptacles and packaging, Storage cabinets, Ventilation, Bunding, Segregation of incompatible materials, Application to waste and the Duty to keep waste and non-waste items separate.
  • Recording of information i.e.: Keeping records of waste on site, Controlling access to storage areas, Selecting a suitable contractor, Waste classification process and the Consignment note system.
Our courses can accommodate up to 10 people per ½ day session at a rate of £495.00. To learn more about Chemical Specialists click here.

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