Car Wash Bay Cleaning

Car Wash Bay Cleaning and De-Scaling

If you own or manage a commercial car wash, you’ll need to keep it clean for health and safety reasons as well as to encourage customers to use your facilities.  

Cleansing Service Group cleans car wash bays for the UK’s leading petrol retailers and supermarkets as well as smaller garages, petrol filling stations and independent car wash companies who know how to attract customers by keeping their facilities clean and professionally maintained.

Our specialist forecourt services team provides an efficient and highly professional service that will keep your canopies, car wash bays, gutters and gully pots clean for your visiting public at all times. We’ll also maintain other essential forecourt components, such as your interceptors, tank tops and silt and bucket traps to avoid blockages, floods and a build up of excess waste.

You can call on the CSG team to clean your car wash bay as part of our Forecourt Management Plan or in line with your own site maintenance programme, without disruption to business. Whichever option you choose, we’ll keep that car wash bay looking sparkling clean and presentable for your customers.

For further information or to talk to us about our car wash bay cleaning service with no obligation, please phone 0800 011 6600 or contact us.